Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Mom

My mother died recently and unexpectedly.  I miss her very much. The "Gypsy" in her family, she was always moving us from place to place and never settling down for very long. We had some great adventures, my little brother Paul, Mom  and me. Tennessee, Kentucky, California, New Mexico, Washington State, Florida, Alabama, Georgia ... She wasn't into the "homemaking" thing, never owned a house or seemed very interested in decorating. I remember always taking a small treasure of our last "home" before we would move onto the next.  She did the best she that she knew how and that's all that matters. She'll always have a permanent home in my heart.  I love you Robbie June Leffew.

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  1. I am so sorry to read this post about your mom, I know it must be so painful. I moved around a lot as a kid to. I went to school in four different states. By the way, I found your blog through Woman to Woman magazine (I'm from WH).