Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Memory Cabinet

Last week, my brother and I had to go through our mother's belongings. As we were sorting through  items to be donated, things to keep for our children and looking at old photos I realized that I didn't want them in a box put up in a closet somewhere. She had a robins egg blue china cabinet from the 1960s that she used to display family photos, her bible, things of importance to her.  I realized at that moment that I wanted her cabinet to come home with me, a part of her.

Her cabinet spoke to me as I started to fill it with some of her treasures, photos, keepsakes as well as my own. Our styles were never the same or I didn't think so until I started blending our things together to have on display in her cabinet. I re-decorated our entire dinning room around her cabinet. Eclectic, fun and colorful just like my mom, Robbie June. Her cabinet has become my memory cabinet of her and our life.

My children have added their own treasures to our "Meme" memory cabinet. Notes about loving and missing her, things that remind them of her. Now when I walk through my dinning room on a daily basis, I am reminded of her and it makes me smile. I hope you enjoy the photos of my dinning room and that it inspires you to create a memory cabinet of your own.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Mom

My mother died recently and unexpectedly.  I miss her very much. The "Gypsy" in her family, she was always moving us from place to place and never settling down for very long. We had some great adventures, my little brother Paul, Mom  and me. Tennessee, Kentucky, California, New Mexico, Washington State, Florida, Alabama, Georgia ... She wasn't into the "homemaking" thing, never owned a house or seemed very interested in decorating. I remember always taking a small treasure of our last "home" before we would move onto the next.  She did the best she that she knew how and that's all that matters. She'll always have a permanent home in my heart.  I love you Robbie June Leffew.