Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Insert Foot Into Mouth!!!

Remember my earlier post about our wonderful kitchen cupboard??? Well, my hubby didn't object but my kitchen layout did! UGH... True to my word, we're keeping the piece but it has found a home in our living room and a new coat of paint as well. I love the "Lincoln Cabinet Black" paint I scooped up from Lowes and I'm almost done painting my entire living room with Dutch Boy Paint's "Cathedral" which is a gray that reminds me of Belgian interiors... Back to the drawing board and once again I'm on the "HUNT" for another fabulous vintage piece for our kitchen.


  1. Hey -- look at it this way: You'll end up with not one but TWO fabulous new pieces in the da house! Nothing wrong there! :)

    Way to go! You SURE you didn't plan this?? (That's what my hubby would have said.) ;)

    Looks awesome where it is now!


  2. Thank you! How have you been? How is your kitchen redux going?

  3. hahaha!!! it figures. i'm glad you found a home for it, though. i hate it when reality intrudes on our vision!!

    --Rachel P